Sunday, 27 February 2011

Plagiarism alert!

Denmark, words fail me. You send good entries every year but you've let me down big time with this year's, not to mention it sounds like about four other songs from different countries. First, there was Paso Doble with 'Herz an Herz' back in 1985, then there was Andreas Johnson with 'Sing For Me' in 2006 and now it appears that there's a Japanese song with a similar backing track!

I had high hopes for Denmark to go through to the final this year, since I liked it last night, but they sent the wrong song and then I find out they've appeared to have nicked the song from Sweden yet again (remember last year's entry? That was supposed to be a Swedish song years ago but they turned it down so the Danes nicked it instead), so I don't think it'll do so well this year.

Sorry Denmark!

New blog - temporary name.

Hiya guys! This is my brand-spanking-new blog but it has a temporary name for now, since it's only supposed to be a Eurovision-based blog and not much else, haha!

I might change it to a more personal one later but, for now, it's Eurovision-based only.

That is all.